Your partner in providing a safe and secure work environment:
✚ Professional Expertise
✚ Confidential Testing
✚ Data Collection Services
✚ Onsite Testing


Certified technicians are rigorously trained in all procedures involved in the collection and handling of specimens, the vital chain of custody forms and laboratory requirements.

URINE SAMPLES can be taken quickly on-site and results are provided instantly. 

BREATH ALCOHOL TESTING is conducted by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician on a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved evidential breath testing device, which reports results immediately.

HAIR AND NAIL DRUG TESTING methods detect drug use in the last 60 to 90 days. (Hair strands becomes a permanent record of drug use whereas urine is quickly excreted from the body.)

From the construction, 

manufacturing, shipping, 

transportation and service
industries to small, medium or large organizations of all types, 
ALCOHOL  DRUG TEST FLORIDA is your partner in developing and implementing policies and procedures that assure a safe and secure business environment. Individuals are treated with respect and testing is accomplished in a timely and
confidential manner on-site, at your place of business.

ALCOHOL  DRUG TEST FLORIDA provides substance abuse drug and alcohol testing services in clinic and onsite. 

We recommend implementation of a FLORIDA DRUG FREE WORKPLACE POLICY that includes a combination of these tests and will reduce the workers comp insurance premium by 5%.

The following tests are recommended:

Today most employers require pre-employment drug tests before they hire staff. In the State of Florida government employment is contingent upon a negative drug test result.

Following an accident or incident on the job as outlined in DOT case regulations, an employee is required to give a specimen for testing.

Employees are randomly selected for testing. We provide consortium services to schedule and manage test events. 

If there is sufficient evidence to indicate employee illicit drug use, the employee is required to provide a specimen for testing. Evidence is usually based on observation by the employee’s supervisor or co-workers who have witnessed physical symptoms or patterns of abnormal or erratic behavior.

After having a positive drug test or refusing to take a drug test, an employee is tested on a random basis after coming back to work to ensure that he/she is drug-free. These tests help substantiate the employee’s drug-free status


We report test results online within minutes after drug test completion. Your employee is at work the same day of testing. 



We come to your facility to test all of your employees. Our staff is educated to do high volume onsite drug testing for hotels, construction sites, car dealerships, foundations, schools, bus drivers, and many more. 



We act as a third party administrator for organizations that require full-scale workplace drug testing services according to regulations and with all necessary comprehensive paperwork. We work in a nationwide network of reliable drug testing collection sites. 

We can help you through the maze of regulations and assist in workforce education, drug testing programs and a variety of other specialties designed to keep your business healthy and operating at peak production.



✚ Educate your workforce on the dangers of drugs and alcohol
✚ Inform your employees of the company’s no-drug tolerance policy, and
✚ Reduce accidents on the job.The net result is a cost savings benefit to you! 
✚ Reduce workers comp insurance premium.
✚ Increase productivity of employees and net operating income.

✚ A proactive versus reactive approach will save both time and money. Florida employers who implement a certified Drug Free    Workplace program are eligible to receive a 5% premium credit on workers’ compensation insurance.

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